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Hansen Pest Control has been a trusted solution for bed bug infestations in Stillwater, OK and beyond since 2013.

Hansen Pest Control uses powerful electric heaters designed specifically for bed bugs. We also use industrial fans, reflective material, mattress elevators, remote temperature monitoring, and proper application of chemicals to maximize the effectiveness of our treatment.

You can expect our guarantees:
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What happens if you get bed bugs?

Usually a person will start noticing bites, but not always. Anywhere from 30-60% of people do not have a reaction at all, allowing the bugs to proliferate completely undetected. Infestations can take a few months until it becomes a major issue. If a pregnant female finds itself in your home you could have approximately 300 adult bed bugs and 1,000 eggs in that same time frame.

We perform free inspections

With 8 years of experience, Hansen Pest Control understands what it takes to get rid of bed bugs. We will inspect the primary locations where bed bugs hide at no charge. During the inspection we will discuss our findings, the degree of the infestation, and how we can successfully eliminate all eggs, nymphs, and adults from your home.

Our unique treatment

Bed bug heat treatments are one of the most effective treatments available. After the inspection, we will discuss how to prepare the rooms to allow for maximum air circulation in and around infested areas, and what items to remove for safety. Treatments can last anywhere from 4-10 hours depending on the size and number of rooms treated, and the insulating ability of the home. One of the many benefits of heat is that it is able to penetrate and cover all areas in a room, allowing you to return that same night to your bed with much needed peace of mind.


stillwater pest control ok