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Hansen Pest Control is located in Stillwater, OK.
We have eliminated pests in Stillwater and surrounding areas since 2013.

With all the toxins in our environment, the last thing we want to do is endanger your health. That is why for general treatments we use products that are people and pet friendly. Here at Hansen Pest Control, we are focused on you. Call us today to resolve your pest problems in a timely, safe, affordable and effective manner. We will work with you so that you can feel good about our treatments.

You can expect our guarantees:
stillwater pest control ok

Spider and Scorpion Control

Oklahoma is home to some dangerous spiders and painful stinging scorpions. These arachnids can be found out in the open, but are usually most comfortable hiding in closets, under beds, garages, attics, and crawl spaces. Our treatment involves a complete and thorough interior and exterior spray to keep these unwanted pests away.

stillwater pest control ok

Flea and Tick Control

These insects are known for carrying various viruses and diseases which can lead to major illnesses. Locating their hiding places and targeting them with the right products is vital for a successful treatment.

While fleas can require additional applications, we provide a 30-day warranty and will come back at no charge until they are gone.

stillwater pest control ok

Cockroach Control

German cockroaches are a very common invader and can grow to be a major infestation if nothing is done. Their lifecycle can last up to around 100 days and one female, within that time, can lay up to 400 eggs.

While liquid treatments can help with a very minor infestation, the use of baits, insect growth regulators, and monitoring stations will ensure a complete eradication within 1-3 visits depending upon the severity of the infestation.

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Rodent Control

Insects aren’t the only pests homes and businesses have to worry about. Rats and mice often come in looking for warmth and food.

We provide bait stations and traps necessary to remove the rodents in a timely manner in order to protect you from the damage they can inflict on your home and health.

stillwater pest control ok

Ant Control

Ants are a major nuisance, and if not treated properly can seem like they will never go away. The most common ants to come inside homes are tiny black odorous house ants.

We use specific products that we guarantee will get rid of these pests within 30 days or less. Typically all that is needed is one treatment and results can last up to 3 months or more.

stillwater pest control ok

Wasp Control

Wasps have a painful sting and some people can have a serious allergic response if stung. The 3 common types of wasps in the Stillwater and surrounding areas are mud daubers, red hornets, and yellow jackets.

Mud daubers are not typically aggressive and are found building nests of mud on the sides and under the eaves of homes.

Red hornets and Yellow Jackets can find small cracks or openings around homes to nest in and can be difficult to eliminate. They can also build nests under eaves and under the ground. They are particularly aggressive and can attack without warning.

Treatment is most successful when the located nest is treated early in the morning.

stillwater pest control ok


stillwater pest control ok